Bill O'Reilly On "The View": Obama A "Communist," Olbermann Is "Jealous," Joy Calls Him "Devil"

Bill O'Reilly sat for two segments of "The View" on Wednesday and faced critic Joy Behar on the couch. Whoopi Goldberg was out sick, but the other four ladies sat by for a Q&A. Behar voiced her displeasure with O'Reilly, who sat claiming his neutrality and calling Obama a socialist.

Highlights of their verbal sparring include:

  • O'Reilly calling Obama a "communist" as he and Elisabeth Hasselbeck chuckle
  • O'Reilly telling Joy, "Your name is Joy, you should be joyful"
  • Behar saying, "I don't hate you. I dislike you"
  • O'Reilly saying that Keith Olbermann and other critics are "jealous"
  • O'Reilly inviting Sarah Palin to the "Factor," saying, "I want her to come in. I have outfits she can wear!"
  • Behar telling O'Reilly, "I don't believe anything you say"
  • O'Reilly telling Behar she is a "Kool Aid drinker," with Behar responding, "You drank the Kool Aid on George Bush for eight years, Bill"
  • Behar saying about a picture of O'Reilly as a kid, "That's what the devil will look like when he comes"
  • O'Reilly and Behar sparring over the impact of "The View," with Joy proudly referencing the show's appearances in the New York Times as a political newsmaker

O'Reilly even made Sherri shriek.