Bill O'Reilly: Oprah's Trayvon Martin Comments 'Absurd' (VIDEO)

Bill O'Reilly attacked Oprah on his Thursday show, saying that she was rushing to judgment in the Trayvon Martin case.

Oprah commented on the case during an interview with "Extra" on Wednesday.

"It is a tragedy and it is a shame that we're sitting here 33 days later and there hasn't been an arrest, or questioning of what actually happened," she said. "It's a tragedy and it is a shame and we all know it."

O'Reilly pounced on this.

"Ms. Winfrey saying that there hasn't been a questioning of what happened is simply absurd, and I'm surprised at her," he said. "Oprah's usually responsible and fair in her assessments. ...Her intentions are usually good. Not on this one." He said that the Florida legal authorities were investigating and knew a lot more than Oprah did about the case.

However, it is true that Zimmerman has not been arrested for shooting Martin. Nor has there been any evidence that he has been questioned again about the incident.

The Martin case has become the leading story on cable news for over a week, as new video and new witnesses are dissected repeatedly.

"When it comes to the pundits, I'm angry about the rush to judgment," O'Reilly said. "No longer do facts matter."



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