Bill O'Reilly: Republicans Are 'Disorganized,' 'Don't Cooperate' (VIDEO)

Bill O'Reilly: Republicans Are 'Disorganized,' 'Don't Cooperate'

Bill O'Reilly shared some criticism of the Republican party with Rachael Ray during a lighthearted chat on her Friday show.

The Fox News host appeared on Ray's program to talk about his recently-released biography of Abraham Lincoln. Before that though, Ray wanted to know what the election season has been like for him.

O'Reilly agreed that it was a big year, and that he had to watch both sides of the aisle very carefully. He had some harsh words for Republicans, saying, "I'm not a big Republican Party guy either. Because I think they're disorganized and they don’t cooperate and they don't try to get things done for the folks.”

He said that he was "pulling back" and telling his viewers that he would be tough on both candidates. "I think politicians in general have gotten away from helping people and I don't like that," he explained.

When Ray asked whether he would ever consider running for office, O'Reilly's answer was a firm "no."

"No, it's just too much money involved and you have to go make deals with these people for money and I don’t like to do that," he explained. "And I enjoy what I do. He described his current job as "to watch the powerful" and "keep them in check."

With that in mind, Ray asked him to imagine what he would do if he were president for a day. O'Reilly said that he would tell people "to put aside this partisan garbage" and compromise. "If I were there for two days, I would deport a lot of people," he joked.

O'Reilly also addressed whether he would ever appear on "Dancing With the Stars," who he would want to play him in a movie and what his hidden talent is.

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