Bill O'Reilly To Rachael Ray: I Was Happy About 'View' Walk-Off

Bill O'Reilly will appear on "Rachael Ray" Thursday, in his first daytime television interview since his infamous appearance on "The View."

In the interview, excerpts of which were provided to the media on Wednesday, O'Reilly tells Rachael Ray that he had no idea that his presence on the show would lead to such an explosive confrontation -- let alone one that spawned a string of controversies, from Brian Kilmeade's statement that "all terrorists are Muslims" to NPR's firing of Juan Williams for his reaction to O'Reilly's appearance.

"I knew we would have a lively discussion because those ladies and I, with the exception of Elizabeth Hasselbeck, we kind of see life differently," O'Reilly says. "But I never thought that they were going...They headed to the locker room and it wasn't even half time yet. Where is everybody?"

He also says that he was very happy that Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg walked off the set after he said that "Muslims killed us on 9/11."

"When they walked out, I was going to myself 'this is great,' because I knew I'd get five segments on the Factor," he tells Ray. "And I knew, I could just take that and I could get three or four shows out of this."