Bill O'Reilly Tells Sean Hannity: People In Poverty Live Very Well

The right-wing personalities have a head-spinning chat about poor Americans on Hannity's radio show.

Bill O’Reilly showed a wealth of ignorance Wednesday in saying that impoverished Americans “live very well.” (Listen to the audio clip below.)

The right-wing commentator made the remark to his old Fox News colleague Sean Hannity while the two discussed capitalism “through the prism” of the Democratic presidential debate. O’Reilly, appearing on Hannity’s radio show, accused Democrats of wanting to “destroy” capitalism.

Hannity set up O’Reilly’s remarks by saying aspirations of having a nice house and car are “achievable, but only in America, but only because this system of capitalism has created the greatest advancement of the human condition, because we’re free.”

O’Reilly replied that Americans have already achieved that standard of living, then spouted off on the disadvantaged.

“Most people in America, even people in poverty, live very well,” said O’Reilly, who was a top-rated Fox News host until he was fired in 2017 for sexual harassment. “You know the studies, that poor people in America have air conditioning, have cars, have big-screen TVs. They live pretty well compared to the rest of the world.”

The 2019 poverty guideline for a family of four in the United States was an income of $25,750, according to the Department of Health and Human Services.

“Why do you want to destroy a system that provides opportunity to rise and improve your circumstance as my parents did, your parents did?” O’Reilly continued.

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