Bill O'Reilly 'Polls' (And Trolls) Single Women Voters Celebrating Halloween (VIDEO)

Single women, Bill O'Reilly is concerned that your political voices aren't being heard. So concerned in fact, that he sent his "The O'Reilly Factor" producer, Jesse Watters, out onto the street to "canvass the single ladies" about how they'll be voting come November 6th -- while they were celebrating Halloween.

O'Reilly introduced the segment by noting that in September, polls showed 66 percent of single women favoring Barack Obama, compared to 33 supporting Mitt Romney, but after the first presidential debate, the numbers began to even out a bit. Ever the "advocate" for women, O'Reilly then said that he wanted to hear female voters' opinions from their own mouths.

The footage of Watters' "canvassing" shows him interviewing exclusively white women under the age of 35 who live and party in Manhattan, all clad in sexy costumes.

The video also includes some Beyonce, several clips from various dude movies and random shots of ladies in bars. About a minute in, Watters gets to actually asking these women what they think about the upcoming presidential election. "Everyone's battling over the female vote," he says. "Do you know who you'll be voting for?" The women included in the video are pretty evenly split between Obama and Romney. Watters goes on to say to an Obama supporter, "You're like a radical feminist, right?" and warns two women who have different political opinions, "Try to control yourselves, I don't want to see any fisticuffs."

Slate's Amanda Marcotte described the video thusly:

O'Reilly sent his producer ... out on Halloween weekend to interview sexy young white women on the street, all of them in costume and ready to party, so that Watters could leer at their single lady voter breasts and condescendingly make "can you believe they have a right to vote?!" faces at the camera in response to the women's selectively edited answers to his questions.

Watters wraps up the interviews with clips of these women talking about how they totally get information from Fox News and "The O'Reilly Factor." After a knowing glance to his audience and a comment about how Watters "isn't here because he never came back from that assignment" (wink, wink, nudge, nudge), O'Reilly acknowledges that the latest Pew data still shows that single women favor Obama by a substantial margin.

The Huffington Post reported similar results on October 30th, with Michael Dimock, associate director at the Pew Research Center, telling HuffPost Politics: "The entirety of the polling over the course of this year suggests to me that the gender gap is likely to look very similar to the last few election cycles, with women somewhere between 6 and 8 points to favor Obama, and fairly consistent with where we've been since 1980.”

What do you think of Bill O'Reilly's "poll" of single women voters? Sound off in the comments!

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