Bill O'Reilly Slams Obama's "Lack Of Religion," Says He Believes in Global Warming

Bill O'Reilly took aim at President Obamas "lack of religion" on Thursday night while discussing Obama's meeting with the Pope on Friday. He stated that Obama is a "secularist" who rejects public spirituality and citing several incidents.

He claimed that Obama ducked a recent question about when life begins and criticized the Pentagon's recent decision to discontinue Air Force flights over the "God and Country Festival."

Listed alongside O'Reilly during his speech was the following: "The USA has become the strongest nation on earth largely because of its Judeo-Christian traditions. Someone remind Obama."

Secularists "are mainly concerned with things of this world, like global warming."


Later, O'Reilly stated that he himself believes in global warming, getting into a tough argument with guest Laura Ingraham, who proudly touted that she was "stockpiling SUVs... I'm buying as many as I can."

When Ingraham claimed that the planet was getting cooler - O'Reilly cut her off and said, "Well, that's not what the temperature says."