Bill O'Reilly Blasts Pundits, Politicians: Stop 'Exploiting The Death' Of Trayvon Martin (VIDEO)

Bill O'Reilly blasted politicians and members of the media for "exploiting" Trayvon Martin's death on his Wednesday show.

The Fox News host was discussing newly released medical records which show that George Zimmerman sustained minor injuries after shooting Martin.

O'Reilly has long questioned the outrage against Zimmerman. On Wednesday, he said that the new evidence suggests that there was a confrontation between Martin and Zimmerman, and maintained that people were wrong to assume the killing was racially motivated.

"This latest exposition should prove to Americans once and for all, the case needs to be tried in front of a jury and people need to stop jumping to conclusions and exploiting the death of an American teenager for their own purposes," he insisted. "Trayvon Martin was used by pundits and politicians to make political and social points. Very wrong."

He brought Martin family lawyer Benjamin Crump on to discuss the latest twist in the case. Crump said that the doctor needed "to be vetted properly," and questioned why Zimmerman did not go to the hospital on the night of the shooting.

O'Reilly said that Crump had "legitimate questions," and the two agreed that the neither side should jump to conclusions without taking a hard look at the evidence.



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