Bill O'Reilly Trusts Iran More Than The American Media

Bill O'Reilly wants to know what's in the Iran nuclear program deal, but he doesn't want to hear about it from the media.

Speaking on his Fox News Channel show "The O'Reilly Factor" on Monday night, the conservative host said he doesn't trust the American media to tell the public what's really in the deal reached last week.

I don’t trust the press," O'Reilly told Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume in remarks posted online by Mediaite. "I think I trust Iran more than I trust the American press. I don’t want the American press interpreting this for me. I want to see it in the committee hearings on television, I want to see the debate.”

Trust was a major theme on Monday night's program. During the "Talking Points Memo" segment, O'Reilly also said Americans don't trust the president.

"Simply put, millions of Americans do not trust President Obama to protect us from the deranged (Iranian) mullahs who have committed atrocities for decades," he said.



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