Bill Richardson: Obama's Secretary Of State?

Bill Richardson: Obama's Secretary Of State?

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Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico and former Democratic presidential candidate is among the top names for a position in President-Elect Obama's cabinet. Richardson has already served as Ambassador to the UN, another possible position for him and ran largely on his resume. Richardson's endorsement of Obama, though he is close with the Clintons, came at a time when Hillary was trying to court the Latino vote. Richardson, who is himself Latino, went on to campaign for Obama and Obama subsequently won New Mexico last night.

Richardson's campaigning led to early rumors that he might be gunning for a cabinet position.

There are rumors that Richardson may be picked for the Secretary Of State, though he kept mum today regarding the possibility.

Finally, Mulkern [a reporter] went in for the kill: "Okay, I just want to ask Governor Richardson if he's been contacted because his name as definitely been out there." Four seconds of silence, followed by some laughter.

"I don't think it's appropriate," Senator Reid started to say, then quickly changed gears. "There's no one more qualified to be part of the president's cabinet than Bill Richardson and I would hope that he's under consideration."

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