Bill Maher Talks Glenn Beck's 'Diabetic Mall-Walkers,' Summer Of Racism (VIDEO)

WATCH: Bill Maher Talks Beck's 'Diabetic Mall-Walkers,' Summer Of Racism

Bill Maher recaps the summer of 2010 in the first "Real Time" broadcast since the show's summer hiatus.

In the clip sent exclusively to the Huffington Post in advance of Maher's Sept. 17 return, the comedian observes the "amazing advances in the field of racism" that dominated the season.

From Andrew Breitbart's edited clip of a former USDA employee "admitting" to reverse racism, to Dr. Laura Schlessinger's n-word rant (and Palin's subsequent support), Maher points out the most racist headlines.

Also high on Maher's list: Glenn Beck's exploitation of Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech.

Maher: "Someone had to point out that white people have been getting the short end of the stick for too long. Like with jobs. Black people are always first in line with all the jobs. Are you seriously telling me that they couldn't find a white Karate Kid? And that Glenn Beck is the heir to Martin Luther King? You know, I have a dream too: one day all Americans will stop buying anything Glenn Beck says."

From Beck's Martin Luther King moment, Maher segues to the so-called "Ground Zero mosque":

Maher: "Now when they weren't praying in the capital and trying to show the cuddlier side of hate and ignorance, Beck and his army of diabetic mallwalkers were losing their shit over the Ground Zero mosque. Which wasn't at Ground Zero and wasn't a mosque."

Maher slams Obama for backing off his early support for the Islamic center, then comments on BP's disappearing oil spill and explains why America is like Levi Johnston when it comes to the nation's withdrawal from Iraq.


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