Billboard Dispenses Free Cakes To London Commuters In Bus Shelters

First came the cupcake ATM, now there's a cake dispensing billboard.

With just a touch of a button the automated fixture distributes up to 500 Mr. Kipling cakes per day, along with a sweetened aroma to tempt London commuters, reports Ad Age.

The novel publicity stunt is part of a campaign by the British cake company to get customers to try one of their wrapped cakes, according to Media Week.

The first cake machine debuted Wednesday at Tottenham Court Road in London's West End.

The company will also be rolling out an additional 18 units in England and Scotland on Monday, March 19, while a "cakemobile" will roam and sweeten the streets of London from March 27 to May 9.

TIME explains the campaign is similar to another London ad that filled bus shelters with a smell of potatoes last month.