It’s Way More Fun To Watch This Elaborate Trick Shot Than Create It

"It was just a real frustrating experience and we regretted ever starting the whole thing."

Want to pull off this kind of spectacular cue sports-golf combo trick shot? Then you’d best set aside most of your day.

Staff at the Allstars Sports Bar in Bristol, southwest England, spent an initial four hours setting up the 500-foot long stunt — and a further five hours tweaking it until, after more than 100 attempts, it succeeded.

Venue manager Shane O’Hara and barman Tom Woolman’s nine hours of hard graft after closing one night last week paid off, though, as the sensational footage above shows.

“Myself and Tom we didn’t really speak to each other for the last two hours of it,” O’Hara told the BBC. “It’s brought a lot of fun and made a lot of people smile but, believe me, behind the scenes there was no smiling.”

Facebook / Allstars Sports Bar Bristol

“It was just a real frustrating experience and we regretted ever starting the whole thing,” O’Hara added. “But the two minutes make it worthwhile.”

The one-shot video begins with a golf putter striking a white ball onto a staircase, setting off a lengthy chain reaction in which billiard, pool and snooker balls travel over nine different tables and a 30-foot stretch of flooring until, ultimately, a golf ball is holed on the bar.

Facebook / Allstars Sports Bar Bristol

The bar posted the clip to Facebook on Sunday, and since gotten more than 1.4 million views.

I didn’t think it would get this many views, not for a moment,” O’Hara told the local Bristol Post newspaper. “The trick shot we did last year was good but it didn’t even manage to get 10 percent of the reaction we’ve had to this.”

See the bar’s previous shot here:

Some viewers have speculated that the trick shot has been “faked” or someone somehow manipulated the video, but the bar has repeatedly insisted on Facebook that it’s “100 percent real.”

O’Hara said he’s now busy planning a new, even more elaborate, stunt ― which he hopes will break the 1,000-foot barrier.

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