Billie Eilish Shocks Alicia Keys With 'Fallin' Cover She Did At 12

The "Bad Guy" singer had chops then, too. Watch Keys groove to the old video.

The mutual admiration society of Alicia Keys and Billie Eilish reached greater harmony Monday on “The Late Late Show.”

Keys, who was serving as guest host on the CBS talk show, heaped praise on Eilish, telling this year’s multiple Grammy nominee that she had covered Eilish’s song “Ocean Eyes” on Instagram. Eilish, who had seen the clip, responded with quite the surprise ― a video of her covering Keys’ monster hit “Fallin’” at age 12 for a talent show.

Keys grooved to the clip, as seen above. “I got one for you and you got one for me,” she told the “Bad Guy” singer afterward. “We even. We gonna do the next one soon.”

The two performed an instantly viral duet of “Ocean Eyes” on the show. See that below: