Billie Joe Armstrong, Green Day Singer, Loses It On Stage At IHeartRadio Festival (VIDEO) [UPDATE]

(WARNING: Video contains graphic language.)

Billie Joe Armstrong is not Justin Bieber, that's clear after the singer's outburst at the iHeartRadio Festival. The Green Day singer lost it on stage after having his set cut short.

In the profanity-laced tirade, Armstrong points out that he's been around since 1988 and implies he deserves more than what the band received.

UPDATE, 9/23: According to Armstrong's representation, the Green Day singer has checked himself into rehab for substance abuse treatment. For more on that story, click here.

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"I'm not f---ing Justin Bieber, you motherf---ers," he says in the video above. "You've gotta be f---ing joking. This is a f---ing joke. I got one minute -- one minute left. Oh, now I got nothing left."

Armstrong ends his tirade by smashing his guitar and promising to the audience that the band will be back.

Bieber isn't the only musician to come into Armstrong's and Green Day's crosshairs lately. Armstrong said Bon Jovi was the worst band they've ever played with, but he praised The Hives.

"The best is probably The Hives. They’re a great live band," Armstrong told Kerrang! "The worst? Oh boy, I have to go with Bon Jovi!”

In early September Armstrong entered the hospital for a throat-related ailment, but was soon discharged.

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