Billionaire Trump Fan Helped Ex-President With $175 Million Bond

"I'd say it's more of a business decision, but I happen to be a supporter also," Don Hankey told ABC News.

A Donald Trump supporter stepped up to help the embattled former president secure the bond he needed to appeal the whopping $450 million-plus judgment that was handed down in his civil fraud trial.

Billionaire Don Hankey’s Knight Specialty Insurance Company, which is based in California, underwrote the $175 million bond that Trump sought, according to a Monday court filing.

“I’d say it’s more of a business decision, but I happen to be a supporter also,” Hankey told ABC News.

Speaking with Forbes, Hankey said that his company reached out to Trump’s team about a possible deal even though the two men had never met.

“This is what we do at Knight Insurance,” Hankey told Forbes. “I’d never met Donald Trump. I’d never talked to him on the phone. I heard that he needed a loan or a bond, and this is what we do. So, we reached out, and he responded.”

Hankey reportedly offered to post the original amount of Trump’s bond before Judge Arthur Engoron lowered it from around half a billion dollars to $175 million. Trump had complained the amount was too high, and he could not find a company willing to underwrite it.

The issue led to speculation that New York Attorney General Letitia James might begin to seize Trump’s real estate assets — a prospect that is, for now, on hold.

“We have the liquidity and I’m just happy to provide it,” Hankey told Bloomberg.

Trump reportedly handed over a combination of cash and bonds to Knight Insurance. The bond makes it possible for him to appeal the verdict in his civil fraud trial without having to begin payments.

A search of public records shows that Hankey donated $2,700 to Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, the maximum individual limit at the time. The vast majority of his donations have been to Republican candidates and the Republican Party.

Forbes has dubbed Hankey the “little-known king of subprime car loans,” providing car loans to people with bad credit or no credit. Because the loans are risky to provide, he can demand high interest rates.

According to Forbes, Hankey is also the “largest individual owner” of Axos Financial, the finance firm that came to Trump’s rescue in 2022. Back then, having been dumped by other banks, Trump and his business empire were facing potential ruin until Axos stepped in to help the former president with properties including Trump Tower and the Trump Doral resort, The Washington Post reported.

Trump was forced to put up another huge bond, totaling about $90 million, to appeal the verdict against him in his civil defamation case with the writer E. Jean Carroll earlier this year.

His various legal entanglements also include four pending criminal trials.

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