Bills Hope to Tame Jags

Bills Hope to Tame Jags
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I'm pretty pumped for Sunday's game vs the Jags for eight reasons.

1.) I'll be there and as of now (fingers crossed) the weather is actually supposed to be decent. Break out the jean shorts and cowboy boots for the last time til next summer.

2.) I quite enjoy looking at Jones -Drew.

3.) I really like cats and there's a jaguar head on their helmets.

4.) Freddy J is starting RB and there's nothing better than watching him work, up close and personal. With the Jags ranked 26th in the league in red zone defense, and the Bills fifth best in the league for red zone touchdown percentage (gasp) I can see him powering into the promised land, as I type.

5.) I'm excited to see what free item I get at the gate when I get my ticket scanned. I'm also excited to see the gameday booklet they have piled up in random cardboard boxes around the stadium. It's very entertaining to see what free offers/special discounts I'm not eligible for because the plays that make you eligible for them, never happen.

6.) I want to see my Lee catch some passes and make at least one TD, and given Jacksonville's pass rush so far this season, I'm optimistic my wish may come true. The Jags' pass rush has given up an average of 300 yards per game and a bunch of touchdowns. Fitz is eager to develop a solid passing game to round out our offense, so here's to hoping sparks-and the football-fly.

7.) I want to see some interceptions. Even though we have four defenders out for Sunday's game, the ones that are playing have worked together for some time now, so one would think they'd fair well against Jacksonville's struggling passing game.

8.) Ralph Wilson Stadium is one of the best places to people watch. Seriously, it's crawling with material, which makes pre-game, during the game and post-game endlessly entertaining. My Ems and I like to tally up how many belligerent men we encounter, how many chicks are lookin' a hotass mess before noon even hits, how many free beads we can get from strangers, how many random people ask me to take pictures with them (and how many I actually oblige) and how many G's we can find.


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