Billy Baldwin Jokes About Playing Eric Trump On 'Saturday Night Live'

"Because I'd just have to sit there and go... 'duh.'"

Could Donald Trump soon be taking aim at a second Baldwin brother?

The president is clearly not a fan of actor Alec Baldwin, who’s portrayed him to excellent effect on “Saturday Night Live” in recent months.

Now, his younger brother Billy Baldwin has lightheartedly suggested that he could play the commander-in-chief’s second son, Eric Trump, on the comedy sketch show.

“I’ve got the slicked back hair, I’m a little old for that, but yeah,” Baldwin joked on “Access Hollywood” Wednesday. “Because I’d just have to sit there and go... ‘duh.’”

Billy Baldwin later admitted to “only kidding” about putting himself up for the role, before expressing hope that people would “come together” behind Trump. However, he also wished Trump had appointed more moderates to his cabinet.

The “Flatliners” star also commented on Melissa McCarthy’s “SNL” impression of White House press secretary Sean Spicer, and speculated as to whether his Trump-supporting youngest brother, Stephen Baldwin, was now “having buyer’s remorse.”

“Now, I’m trying to be patient, not in the first 100 days, but the first couple hundred days,” Billy Baldwin said. “But I just wish President Trump would give us a reason to feel good and to feel safe and to feel like he’s representing our interests. I want him to succeed, but I think that his definition of success is going to be very different than mine.”

Check out the full clip above.