Billy Crudup And Grace Gummer, Daughter Of Meryl Streep: New Couple?

Actor Billy Crudup has been romantically linked to numerous venerable names in the biz -- Mary-Louise Parker and Claire Danes among them -- and now he can count Meryl Streep on his list. The catch? It's her daughter.

New York Daily News reports that 43-year-old Crudup and 25-year-old Grace Gummer -- daughter of Streep and Dan Gummer -- were "physically open about their relationship" while at the after-party for "The Rampart" at the Mondrian Soho Hotel Tuesday night. Lest we need further proof, the report describes Crudup as introducing Gummer around and the couple doing couple-y things like "holding hands and rubbing each other's backs."

The pair performed together last spring in the Broadway revival of Tom Stoppard's "Arcadia", where Gummer, unsurprisingly, played Crudup's love interest. Crudup has a six year-old child with Parker; the couple notoriously split in 2007, shortly before Crudup dating his "Stage Beauty" co-star, Claire Danes.