Billy Eichner Goes To Israel For 'Conan,' Yells About Iran Nuclear Crisis And Madonna Concert (VIDEO)

WATCH: What Do Madonna And The Iran Nuclear Crisis Have In Common?

When it comes to yelling at strangers ont the street about pop culture, comedian Billy Eichner is second to none. He'll even travel halfway across the world to do it.

After covering Madonna's Super Bowl halftime show earlier this year for Conan O'Brien, Eichner once again followed Madonna for a hilarious "Conan" segment -- this time going to the Middle East. After quizzing New Yorkers and Israelites on the Iran nuclear crisis and U.S. relations with Israel, Eichner got down to brass tacks and found out just who is and isn't going to the Madonna show in Jerusalem that weekend.

You know, the important stuff.

Watch Eichner's epic adventure above, wherein an encounter with one of Madonna's shoes nearly propels him into the depths of insanity.

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