Billy Eichner Reveals Mary Trump's Children's Books About President In 'Jimmy Kimmel' Monologue

The guest host had fun with Donald Trump's niece's upcoming tell-all book.

Jimmy Kimmel Live” guest host Billy Eichner revealed Thursday that President Donald Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, has written more than just a tell-all memoir scorching her uncle. She’s also working on a line of children’s books about the president, Eichner joked.

If only this were real. Because what kid could resist “Horton Withdraws From W.H.O.” and “Cloudy With A Chance Of White Supremacy”?

Eichner, of “Billy on the Street” fame, also brought up Christina Applegate in the vice presidential conversation for presumed Democratic nominee Joe Biden and introduced the new kids’ cereal Q’Anons.

Wait, what?

Watch below.

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