Billy Eichner Wants To Know What The FBI Was Doing In His Underwear. Seriously.

Celebrities tried to help the "Billy on the Street" comedian solve the bizarre mystery.

Billy Eichner tried to unravel a mystery this week involving the FBI and his underwear ― and he wasn’t joking.

The “Billy on the Street” comedian said on Instagram that when he returned from a work trip, he opened his luggage and found an FBI badge (a patch, really) taped into the underwear lining of his workout shorts.

“This was not there when I packed it,” he said in the clip. “Is that normal?”

Celebrities answered.

“Totally normal! (just like the times we’re living in ― definition of SUPER NORMAL),” “Terms of Endearment” star Debra Winger replied.

“We need to get to the bottom of this,” “Little Fires Everywhere,” actor Kerry Washington declared.

“Molly’s Game” star Jessica Chastain responded with laughing emojis, and Olivia Wilde went with “Baaahahhaaa.”

One commenter offered this explanation:

“I think a baggage handler got a cool FBI patch and thought, “This is a gift I know Billy will LOVE.” Or you’re on some kind of watchlist. Either way, it’s VERY FLIRTY!” comedian Jake Fogelnest wrote.

Eichner called himself “America’s Most Wanted.”

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