Billy Eichner: Just 1 Actor Talked To Sean Spicer After Emmy Bit

A certain TV boy genius had a moment.

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer was apparently not radioactive enough for the one actor who spoke with him in the green room at the Emmys: “Young Sheldon” star Iain Armitage.

That’s according to Billy Eichner, host of “Billy on the Street,” who offered the odd gossip on Conan O’Brien’s show Wednesday. Eichner told O’Brien that after Spicer made his surprise appearance at the awards show last month, he was greeted with silence from “Big Bang Theory” actor Jim Parsons and others.

“The only person who would talk to him ― I’m not kidding ― is ‘Young Sheldon,’” said Eichner, whose show was nominated for an Emmy.

But Eichner said that Armitage might have been confused, because he asked him and Parsons afterward if that was the real Spicer.

“Even ‘Young Sheldon’ thought it might have been Melissa McCarthy,” Eichner cracked, referring to the comic actress who played Spicer on “Saturday Night Live.”

Watch up top for Armitage’s alleged sidesplitting response when he discovered that it was indeed the real Spicy.