Billy Eichner Takes Lin-Manuel Miranda Out On The Street To Play 'Is Anybody Happy?'

One woman let Miranda have it, ranting about how difficult it is to get "Hamilton" tickets.

If your only exposure to the outside world is the news and social media, then you might believe everything is terrible. But does everyone really feel that bad? Maybe “Hamilton” playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda can cheer us up!

Everyone’s favorite street host Billy Eichner took Miranda around New York City to play the game “Is Anybody Happy?” As you’ll see in this episode of “Billy on the Street,” most people seem to be in pretty good spirits, except of course when Billy is yelling things in their face.

One woman didn’t initially recognize Miranda and said he’s “out of sight, out of mind” because she can’t ever get “Hamilton” tickets and will probably never see the show.

To which Eichner screams, “You tell him, bitch!”

For more of Eichner and Miranda accosting people, check out the full video above.