Billy Eichner Wants To See Your Best Touchdown Dance

In front of Terrell Owens ...

If there's one thing Billy Eichner knows how to do, it's be bold. 

In anticipation of Super Bowl 50, Eichner and former pro football player Terrell Owens are encouraging players to break the rules and dance like everybody is watching in the end zone.

Butterfinger has committed to covering up to $50,000 as part of their Bolder Than Bold campaign for any fines players may incur for "excessively celebrating" after a touchdown. With all the overblown controversy over end-zone dances this season, it seems that money might be needed come Feb. 7.

In the video above, Eichner and Owens hit the streets to ask New Yorkers to show off their best touchdown dances. Typical "Billy on the Street" hilarity ensues.  

We turned the tables on Eichner when we spoke to the "Parks and Recreation" star about what moves he'd bust out if he ever hit the field. 

"I would take it beyond dancing because I'm not much of a dancer," Eichner told The Huffington Post. "I would broaden it to any other art form. I would read a poem or I might just set up a projector in the end zone and show a short indie film that will alienate the audience. I'd make it, like, a two-hour production like Sundance. My dance would be like a short film-festival." 

Eichner was lucky enough to attend the big game back in 2012 and was surprised to find just how much he enjoyed the spectacle. 

"It's all very theatrical. It really feels like being on a movie set -- the way that it's lit, the music," he explained. "In theory, the focus is on sports but they take breaks to set up cameras. It's show business."

"Also, Madonna was the halftime show that year, and that's another story we won't get into," he added. 

Yeah, that was our favorite part too. 

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