Billy Joel And Jimmy Fallon Surprise Everyone With Impromptu Doo-Wop


Something like this hasn't happened for the longest time.

Nowadays, shows are so planned out that even impromptu moments seem prearranged. That wasn't the case with Billy Joel and Jimmy Fallon during a commercial break on "The Tonight Show" on Wednesday.

While shooting promos with J.K. Simmons and Joel's band, everyone just broke out into some unplanned doo-wop, singing along to Joel's "The Longest Time." 

Correction: A flawless version of "The Longest Time."

How does that even happen?

Joel and Fallon also threw in a (sort of) planned version of The Rolling Stones' "Beast of Burden" on the show. And the "Tonight Show" host was feeling it so much he started climbing all over the piano, because, sure, why not?

On the show, the pair also discussed doing something fun on stage at Joel's concert at Madison Square Garden on Thursday. Fallon seemed to want to plan something big, but it'd be cool if they just sing us a song tonight. They're the piano men, and they've got us feelin' all right.

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