'Billy On The Street' Takes Amy Sedaris On A Glorious Trip Through ShondaLand

"Eat your heart out Ellen Pompeo."

It's about time someone gave ShondaLand the parody it deserves. 

On this week's "Billy on the Street," Billy Eichner and guest Amy Sedaris took aim at Shonda Rhimes' hugely popular Thursday night line up of hit ABC shows "Grey's Anatomy," "Scandal" and "How to Get Away with Murder."

Eichner ushered Sedaris through a "pop culture obstacle course" called ShondaLand -- with the logline "gays and blacks for everyone" -- where the "Strangers with Candy" star confronted obstacles and challenges inspired by and poking fun at Shonda's soapy goodness. 

Sedaris' first task was to use hammer to burst through the glass ceiling at ABC. She then f--ked a nurse and ignored a patient à la "Grey's Anatomy," climbed to the top of wig mountain to retrieve Kerry Washington's wig, crawled through a sea of same-sex couples mid coitus (reference point here), bypassed a group of white people patting themselves on the back for embracing a black lead and finally finished the course by sliding down the Kerry Washington Waterslide Of Tears.

We're still laughing. 

If this video doesn't satisfy your "Billy on the Street" craving, check out his bro-tastic adventure with Jason Sudeikis.


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