Billy Ray Cyrus Hints That Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Are Headed Toward Marriage

“They’re really happy together right now."

On-again, off-again couple Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have been coy about confirming their current relationship status. But Cyrus' dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, was a bit more candid in a recent interview.

The 54-year-old appeared on "Today" Wednesday to promote his upcoming CMT series, "Still the King." While there, he dropped some hints that his daughter and Hemsworth might be walking down the aisle sometime soon. 

“They’re really happy together right now,” Billy Ray said of the couple. “They know if they need a preacher, they’ve found one."

Maybe Cyrus only mentioned a preacher because his character pretends to be one in order to earn some cash on his new show, which premieres June 12, but it's also a career path that runs in the family. "My grandfather was a Pentecostal preacher,” he said.

While the couple has yet to confirm that they're making wedding plans, the former "Hannah Montana" star has recently been seen wearing the engagement ring Hemsworth gave her back in 2012. And when GQ Australia questioned him in May about the current state of his relationship with Miley, he pretty much confirmed what we already knew. 

"People will figure it out, they already have ... They’re not dumb," he said. 

Well, nothing's for certain, but it sounds like Billy Ray's ready to officiate if he has to. 

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