Bin Laden's Death: How Have You Processed It?

Enough time has passed since Osama bin Laden's May 1 assassination for us to now be able to reflect, more fully and deeply, on our reactions to his death. The celebratory scenes that took place Sunday night outside the White House and at ground zero have given way to more contemplative, measured musings. Across the Internet, a quote (purportedly by Martin Luther King, later partially debunked) questioning the celebration of even an enemy's death has gone viral. On The Huffington Post, bloggers like Pamela Gerloff have asked what the nakedly jingoistic jubilation says about our nation -- and society -- as a whole. For others, though, bin Laden's death has signified closure, a full stop in the long process of coming to terms with 9/11. So we're asking you what you think. How have you processed bin Laden's death? Can the celebration of anyone's death be justified? How do you grapple with this ethical conundrum? Let us know.

Osama Bin Laden Is Dead: What Is The Right Response?