Hacks To Make The Most Of The Mighty Binder Clip

Take one, and pass it around.

The home office can easily turn into a catchall hell-room for everything that has a tangled electronic cord attached to it -- but one tiny tool can keep it all organized.

When applied beyond its scope of work, the mighty binder clip -- invented to hold thick stacks of paper together -- becomes a skeleton key to achieving all your organizational goals and dreams.

The best part? The magic will spread throughout your whole home, if you're creative enough.

Take a look, and if you know of a trick we didn't include, share it with us in the comments:

It's a smart stand for a smartphone.

They keep your cords organized and in place.

As well as your beer.

It makes a great low-fi iPad to hold your inspirational thoughts.

It keeps your headphones in a safe place.

It's a stronger, sturdier baggie clip.

They're great keyboard leg replacements.

It makes so much sense in your freezer.

And keeps your razor sharp, fresh and protected.

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