All Of The Many Incredible Things You Can Do With Binder Clips

Yes ... binder clips.

People, you need to start amassing binder clips.

Even if you haven't bought your own since the sixth grade, there's bound to be a container of them somewhere around the office. It is in your best interest to snag as many individual clips as possible. They are wildly functional and can help to organize your life, far beyond joining the pages of a Judy Blume book report:


100均のダブルクリップでできる15の裏技1. スマホスタンド2. ケーブル整理3. スマホ充電スタンド4. ひげそりカバー5. ケーブルクリップ6. イヤホン巻取りホルダー7. スマホスタンド ver.28. 毛糸絡まなーい9. ズボンかけ10. スポンジスタンドAnd many others.動画提供

Posted by Spotlight Use - お役立ち情報をお届け / スポットライト on Sunday, January 24, 2016

As you'll see in the hack-tastic video above, posted by Spotlight Use, binder clips can organize your wires and headphones, act as a smartphone kickstand, help you perfect your knitting, keep your potato chips fresh and so much more.

So, as mentioned earlier, start stockpiling those ubiquitous thingamajigs before your officemates catch on.

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