Bindi Irwin Is the Role Model Young Females Need


I have never met Bindi Irwin but have already met Bindi Irwin.

Let me explain.

​At a time where social media takes leadership and selfies are the way of getting there, female role models have been stuck between a heart emoji and trending hashtag. You might see them more often, thanks to Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and so and so on, but are you really seeing them?

​I was first introduced to Bindi Irwin through America's version of Dancing With the Stars. Appearing on Season 21 during the Fall 2015 season, she wasn't necessarily the star I wanted to see on Dancing With the Stars every Monday evening, but quickly became the star I tuned in to see every Monday evening -- for many reasons.

​Sure. Dancing With the Stars is a competition show, but it also is a reality show, and Bindi Irwin was the first person to make a reality show actually feel like one.

​Bindi wasn't afraid to cry, laugh, or feel any emotion. She was just Bindi, and this in itself is something hard to find behind a camera screen now a days.

While producers do take a part in what we see on our television screens, authenticity always remains supreme. That was Bindi -- and that is Bindi.

Even with newfound fame and more money to her name, this 17-year-old hasn't lost sight of where and what she comes from as she continues to express that her ambition still lies in animal conversation.

​ And she isn't posting scantily-dressed images on social media, or working on being the next member of Taylor Swift's girl squad. She's just living her life.

Isn't this what we should all aspire to be?