This Binge-Watching Chart Might Save Your Life

This Binge-Watching Chart Might Save Your Life

It's happened to all of us.

You sit down to start watching a show on Netflix, only planning to catch an episode or two before getting on with your life. The next thing you know it's Sunday night, your entire weekend is gone, dishes have piled up in the sink, your mother's wondering why you haven't returned her 50 phone calls, you can't remember if you've slept for the past two days, but there's one thing you do know: You definitely haven't showered.

Having shows available -- in their entirety -- on Netflix and Hulu is great but the binge-watching epidemic that's now sweeping the nation has shed light on one of our country's greatest weaknesses: time management. We weren't good at it in college when we had to choose between studying for finals and hitting the bars downtown, and we haven't gotten any better since entering the "adult world."

Thankfully we have something to help. This nifty chart calculates how much time it will take to watch some of the most popular TV shows in one sitting. Some are relatively short -- "House of Cards" fans have it easy -- and some, well, you might want to take the week off from work if you're planning to binge-watch Jack Bauer saving the world one melodramatic moment at a time. It may be called "24" but it definitely takes longer than 24 hours to watch.

For the betterment of all mankind we present you with this binge-watching reference chart. Use it wisely.


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