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WATCH: Why Binge-Watching TV Is A Really Good Idea

WATCH: Why Binge-Watching TV Is A Really Good Idea

Is anything better than a Saturday night filled with popcorn, pajamas and a fully charged device to binge-watch your favorite shows?

Not according to a new study commissioned by Netflix. The findings showed that a whopping 61 percent of streaming television consumers admitted to binge-watching... and they don't even feel bad about it. In fact, 73 percent of respondents said they feel positively about digesting television in this way. Cultural anthropologist Grant McCracken, who worked on this study, came on HuffPost Live to discuss the results.

"In the days of the passive couch potato, you would sit on the couch and flip around the dial to find the best of your bad choices," McCracken explained to host Mike Sacks. "This new model is much more chosen."

Other guests wholeheartedly agreed with McCracken's analysis. "I definitely watch TV with a purpose now," casting director Sara Bernstein told the host.

The live discussion, which aired Monday, December 23, was presented by Netflix. Check out the full segment below:

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