Warning: Binge-Watching Is Seriously Bad For You

Please Binge-Watch Responsibly

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Okay, so we've all been there.

It's Friday night, you have no plans for the weekend, so you start watching a few episodes of "Grey's Anatomy" to pass the time. Fast forward to Monday morning; you're in a haze. George O'Malley is dead, you haven't slept all weekend, it's time to seriously consider prescription lenses because your vision is shot, you might have had a PB&J sandwich but then again, you might have gone without food and water for three days -- so now, naturally, you're questioning whether or not you should receive medical attention -- and there's a terrible taste permeating in your mouth.

You've just survived your first binge-watching episode. The aftermath of a Hulu or Netflix marathon isn't pretty -- we all know that -- but according to College Humor, it can also be seriously bad for your health. Remember, watching television is only acceptable in social situations, otherwise you could form a Crackle-cocaine addiction.

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