Bingo Brawl At New Hampshire Senior Citizen Center

Bingo Brawl At Senior Citizen Center

A bingo game at a New Hampshire senior center broke out into an F-I-G-H-T after two women started arguing over Avon products.

Officers in Portsmouth, N.H., responded to call on Friday afternoon reporting of "some pushing and shoving" over the sale of Avon products, reported.

It seems that one of the women, a regular bingo player, was upset that the other woman in the altercation had set up a table to sell Avon products, according to Sgt. Kuffer Kaltenborn of the Portsmouth Police.

"The altercation appears to have been started over the fact that one resident was upsetting another by (selling Avon and disrupting) the scheduled bingo event that occurs," he told

The officers broke up the bingo brawl, only to get a call two hours later when one of the women said she'd like to press charges, reported.

Officers are still investigating whether an assault occurred and whether to press charges, according to

The names of the bingo battlers have not been released since there was no arrest.

This isn't the first bizarre bingo-related story to roll out of New Hampshire.

Back in 2011, a woman who took an urn of her mother's ashes to bingo games for good luck had a streak of bad luck when the urn was stolen from her car. It was later returned.

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