Uncle Sam Wants You ... To Make Bullets That Turn Into Seeds

It's worth a shot.
marietjieopp via Getty Images

The government is looking for fertile minds to create a new breed of biodegradable military bullets that hold seeds along with gunpowder.

The Department of Defense in November put out a call for proposals from businesses that might be able to manufacture biodegradable bullets that also contain seeds, according to Motherboard.Vice.com.

Currently, shell casings and other waste from ammunition used by the military ends up on the ground ― or underground, where it risks polluting soil and water. Replacing traditional bullets with those containing biodegradable materials is a better alternative, according to a bid document placed by the Small Business Innovation Research program, which awards grants to businesses.

Defense experts said bamboo fiber may be one ingredient that can be adapted to these environmentally friendly bullets. The new ammo also could contain bio-engineered seeds developed by the Army Corps of Engineers that germinate several months after they’ve been planted.

The bullet seeds should be for plants that are safe for animals to eat, and that remove soil contaminants and consume the biodegradable components of spent ammunition, according to Gizmodo.

It may seem ironic that something designed to kill could introduce new life that may help curb climate change, but Gizmodo points out that the Defense Department has long considered global warming to be a security risk.

Want to take a shot at creating a more environmentally friendly bullet? Apply here before Feb. 8.

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