Sandra Bullock's New Netflix Movie Inspires People To Take 'Bird Box' Challenge

A new meme closes out the old year.

It looks like the old year is ending with a new meme.

Fans inspired by “Bird Box,” Sandra Bullock’s Netflix horror hit, have started attempting something called the #BirdBoxChallenge.

The task requires participants to attempt to do things blindfolded like Bullock’s character in the film.

There is a slight difference: In “Bird Box,” characters wear the blindfolds as protection against an unseen force that seemingly takes over people’s vision by manifesting their greatest fears. 

In the #BirdBoxChallenge, people wear the blindfolds in hopes of going viral.

One version of the meme shows a blindfolded family paddling for dear life in their bathtub while another features a group of women trying to use an escalator with their eyes covered, according to Inside Edition.

Some other examples posted on social media so far:

It’s possible more people will take the #birdboxchallenge in 2019, as the film has reportedly been viewed on more than 45 million Netflix subscriber accounts since it became available for streaming on Dec. 21.



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