Charlie The Parrot Saves Owner From Intruders (VIDEO)

Who needs a guard dog to ward off invaders, when you have a bird as overprotective as Charlie?

The macaw helped save his owner Jack Dukes after two intruders allegedly entered his apartment in Fort Smith, Arkansas, early Monday morning, according to KFSM-TV News.

Dukes said he let the men into his home, thinking one of them was a neighbor in trouble, KFSM reports.

The men allegedly hit Dukes and demanded pills, but Charlie wasn't having any of it.

The parrot went into defense mode, squawking and taking "a chunk of skin" from one of the suspect's arms with his beak, Dukes told the station.

According to the Associated Press/Fox News, when Charlie "isn't attacking robbers, Dukes says he likes to eat banana pudding and fried chicken."

Charlie is being hailed as a hero, as he should be, but the parrot isn't the first to be rewarded for his heroism.

In 2009, Willie the parrot saved a little girl from choking. The bird began flapping its wings and yelling "Mama, baby" to its owner until she returned to the room to find the girl she was babysitting turning blue, according to the Associated Press.

In 2007, a parrot named Peanut imitated the sound of the fire alarm after it went off at 3 a.m. one morning, according to WTHR. The bird's squawking woke the mother from her sleep. She found the house filled with smoke, grabbed her children and Peanut, and darted out of the house.