Bird Turd App Lets Users 'Poop' On Tweets They Hate

Wake up Facebook: Twitter just got a dislike button--in the form of virtual feces.

The Bird Turd iPhone app lets you take a strong, scatological take on tweets you don't like (see screenshot below).

Bird Turd makes Twitter a game. In Bird Turd, YOU are the bird. And when you see a tweet you don't like, YOU CAN POOP RIGHT ON IT.

How does it work? 'Just tap the screen and the bird will furrow his brow and squeeze out an enormous turd!' the developers explain.

The app's developer plans to keep track of the 'most-pooped-on tweets,' with the worst receiving a bronze, silver or gold 'turd' as an 'anti-prize.'

There are no reviews of the app on the App Store yet--so tell us what you