Birdhouse Rooftile by Klaas Kuiken

2013-01-03-276.jpg"Birdhouse Rooftile" by Klaas Kuiken

Looking to find a solution to the shrinking bird population in urban areas, Klaas Kuiken consulted with the Vogelbescherming (Dutch Bird Association) to conceive of the "Birdhouse Rooftile" a design which offers more places in which our feathered friends may rest and feed within the city.

Birds often create nesting areas within the roofs of houses, and taking this into consideration, the Dutch designer has taken a standard roof tile and constructed an archetypal house to be attached on top of it with a basket below -- accessed by an opening in which the birds may find shelter. In this manner, Kuiken has harnessed their typical behaviors to create a safe haven where they would in any case normally nestle, while providing them with good ventilation and protection from domestic creatures such as cats.


All Images Courtesy of Klaas Kuiken

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