'Birdie' The Parakeet Survives Getting Sucked Into Vacuum

A parakeet who got sucked up into a Shop-Vac is getting by on a wing and a prayer.

"Birdie," a 8-year-old parakeet belonging to Marie Margarone of Milton, Mass. was apparently looking for a dark, quiet space to lay an egg when she crawled inside the vacuum's tube which was lying on the ground on Feb. 23.

Not knowing her tiny pet was inside, Margarone turned on the vacuum, and sucked Birdie up into the tube, the Boston Globe reported.

“All of a sudden I heard a noise. I looked in where the air comes out and I saw feathers. I shut it off immediately and knew something had terribly gone wrong,” Margarone told WHDH-TV.

"I was convinced that Birdie wouldn't make it given how violently she was thrown around the canister, but she's a member of my family just as my other pets are, and I wanted to do everything I could to help her," Margarone told WCVB-TV.

Birdie suffered major injuries during her sucky encounter, including blood loss. Her wing was so badly fractured that 25 percent of it had to be amputated in a hour-long operation three days after the accident. She was sent home a day later.

Birdie is no longer able to fly, but Margarone is just happy her pet parakeet survived the ordeal

“I’m thrilled to have her back in our home where she belongs, and obviously we’ll ensure she stays well clear of the vacuum from here on out!” Margarone told CBS Boston.



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