Birds Poop On Red Cars Most, Study Says (VIDEO)

Which Color Of Car Attracts The Most Bird Poop?

If you drive a car, you'll be blue when you read this: red cars attract more bird droppings than any other color.

The game-changing evidence comes from a new study from Great Britain, which recorded the number of "emissions" made on cars by the birds in five British cities.

More than 1100 cars were analyzed over a two-day period and at the end, 18 percent of the pooped-on cars were red and 14 percent were blue, followed by black (11 percent), white (7 percent), grey or silver (3 percent) and green cars, which only got one percent of the bird bombs, according to Independent Online.

Why are birds targeting red cars more than others? Hard to say conclusively, since Halfords, the British-based auto retailer that sponsored the survey, didn't bother to survey the birds themselves.

Instead, they gathered anecdotal explanations from drivers. For instance, one Lexus driver suggested newly polished cars suffer because birds see a reflection of themselves, while a Ford Focus owner believed the darker the color the deeper the reflection and the more violent the reaction.

Others thought birds saw red as a danger or they went for similar colors to their own plumage. In seaside resorts seagulls went for white cars, while in cities pigeons go for grey.

A spokesman for the British Trust for Ornithology poo-poohed those bird-brained theories and suggested to Independent Online that the key to avoiding bird poop was location.

“We do know that birds can be attracted to certain colors during display, but droppings on cars has probably more to do with where you park; if you park where birds roost, then you are going to get more droppings on your vehicle,” he said.

Perhaps the more important finding from the bird poop poll is not what kind of cars attract the birds, but which owners bother to clean it up.

Only 17 percent said they wiped off deposits as soon as they're discovered, 20 percent said they took action "within a couple of days," and 55 per cent waited until the next car wash, according to

Bird poop may stain a car and hurt the paint job, but some people don't think it's crappy.

It's a popular fertilizers and Japanese geishas have long used it to clean stubborn stains or as facial masks on the skin, GeoBeats reported.

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