Birds With Dog Heads And Dogs With Bird Bodies Are Dirds. Derrrrr

Dog Plus Bird Equals Dird

The photos you are about to see will amaze and enthrall you. No, they are not Photoshopped, and yes, they are 100% real.

All facts about the dirds have been cited directly from dird expert and enthusiast, Dr. Derdly Dirdright, who adds a special note that though dirds may be cute, they are a vulnerable species. If we are not careful, they may become endangered soon.

Photos Via Sad and Useless

Dird you ever see such a dird? Neither dird we.

Wise is the dird protecting the city with his dird eye.

Dird you know the Hummingbird dird's heart beats at a rate of one million beats per minute? Much faster than a regular Hummingbird's!

This blue ribbon dird has just been groomed, and is getting ready to ruffle his feathers at The Best in Dird Show. His name is Rhapsody in Black and White.

The majestic beaglird stands proud, as he shows off his impressive wingspan. Legend has it, that the beaglird is the ruler of all dirds, and calls upon his subjects on a full moon whereupon they rise in flight over the Earth and do that one chant from The Craft.

Don't let this dird's friendly appearance fool you. His saliva is venomous.

Another fact about the Hummingbird dird is that they flap their wings at approximately one googolplex per millisecond. It's pretty un-be-dird-able.

This guy just dirdn't know how to be any cuter.

The penguin dird mates for life, but not with other penguin dirds. Nobody knows why.

Named for his dirdiness, this Dird dird takes flight only during that one additional day in the leap year.

This newly wed couple is making a beautiful nest for themselves. We wonder what their dirdlets will look like.

Last but not least is the rarest of dirds. Only the most dedicated dird enthusiast can ever catch a glimpse of the elusive creature, as this dird only makes an appearance at the crack of dawn on a Tuesday on Tralfamadore at the end of a seven year hibernation cycle.

Now, we are happy to add in some original art created by dird fans and given to The Huffington Post.

Thank you Taylor Jordan for submitting this masterpiece. This is her dog Custard. Sorry, did we say Custard? We meant Cusdird.

This is Charlie. Normally, he is a 170 pound Saint Bernard. But today, we'll call him Charlird.

Here is some art by Sarah Metzger from SHIFT:

A dird is considered rude if its mouth is open. This dird doesn't care.

A curious dird is a dangerous dird.

Dirds are getting artistic now.

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