Birmingham Airport's Wildest Crosswinds Landings Caught On Video

Birmingham Airport in the UK is so famous for its pilot-testing crosswinds that people often gather there just to watch and record some of the white-knuckle landings.

As this video shows, the crosswinds are so strong that some planes appear to hover, rock and sway as they attempt to land.

"When there's a crosswind -- at BHX at least -- landing planes often seem to 'float' above the runway much longer than normal," YouTuber flugsnug, an aviation enthusiast, wrote in the description of this compilation.

One pilot even gives up and heads back around for another try.

"The KLM pilot in the last shot in this video told ATC (air traffic control) they went around because they just couldn't push the plane down onto the runway!" wrote flugsnug.

The YouTube user added that the design of the airport runway itself makes the landings seem more dramatic, but there's a reason for its unusual appearance.

"The undulations in the BHX runway accentuate these floats: if a plane just misses touchdown on the crest of a bump it can glide down the slope on far side like a ski jumper," he wrote.

Check it out in the clip above.

While landing in strong crosswinds might look scary, former airline captain David J. Williams said they're not as bad as they look. Writing on the NYCAviation website, he said there are several techniques pilots use in these conditions.