Sara Saxon: I Live In Birmingham, Alabama, And This Is My Style

"Not only do you have the classic Southern Belle style, but there's also a trendier, edgier side."

As part of the fashion-obsessed community, we’re always interested in finding out what people are wearing around the country, from Birmingham, Alabama to Provo, Utah and everywhere in between. So we’re on the search to find out just what fashion looks like to people living in cities both near and far.


Sara Saxon is a 25-year-old labor and delivery nurse who has lived in Birmingham for most of her life. After moving around with her family (her dad was in the military), she’s been back in the city for 2 1/2 years.

As a nurse, she told HuffPost she “looks forward to days off, where I can show off my style.” Read below to find out how she does that, to hear about the popular trends in her city that she hates, and more.

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What makes the style in your city unique?

The style in Birmingham is unique because there is such a wide range of style and backgrounds. We have a unique community because of the university and medical programs that bring people from all over the country to Birmingham.

What’s the best thing about the style in your city?

I like the variety of style in Birmingham. Not only do you have the classic Southern Belle style, but there’s also an edgier, trendy side. I love that there is a variety when it comes to style in Birmingham.

What are some trends that are popular right now in your city?

’90s grunge is definitely back, and it’s very popular in Birmingham. I love this trend, because I love to wear all black! Also, OTBT wedges have been a huge trend in Birmingham for a few years. If you go to any football game or major event you will see almost every girl wearing a pair of those wedges!

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What are some of your favorite personal trends?

Right now I’m loving matching two-piece sets and embroidered pieces.

What are some trends in your city that you hate?

I’m not loving the women’s loafers that are currently on trend, like these.

What does your style say about you?

I’m very simple with most of the pieces I choose. I often reach for neutral colors such as black, white or gray. My home is the same way, a very neutral color palette. I also like to think my style falls a little on the edgy side, and I would describe my personality as simple with a little sass.

What are your favorite places to shop? Locally and online?

I love to shop at Lizard Thicket and Molly Green in Birmingham. I also shop online at Nana Macs and Seattle VIS and love to find inexpensive finds on ThredUp!

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Do you feel pressure to be stylish in your city?

I think it’s nice when you go out in the city to feel good in what you’re wearing, and like it’s a good reflection of who you are. I wouldn’t say I necessarily feel pressure to be stylish, but I want to be confident in my style.

Do you think it costs a lot of money to be stylish in your city?

I don’t think it cost a lot of money to be stylish in Birmingham. We have a lot of great local shopping for all budgets. We don’t have a lot of higher end shopping, but it’s easy to shop online for those items.

Do you feel pressure to be well-dressed at your job?

Since I’m a nurse, I get to wear scrubs to work each day, so definitely not a lot of pressure to dress well. Because I can’t choose my clothing for work, I always look forward to my off days where I can show off my style.

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