'It’s Just Kind Of Where Everything Happens': Meet The People Of Birmingham

Here's what makes folks in Alabama tick.

Birmingham, Alabama, was stop five on our Listen to America road trip. We set up shop in the beautiful Railroad Park to talk to locals about what brought them to Birmingham. Here’s what they had to say:

“I want to see it grow ... I want to leave an imprint here.”

― Jeremy Burroughs, 25, account manager 

“I’m an Ismaili Muslim and we have a big community here ... I like to learn from them.”

― Noren Salehani, 27, physician assistant

“I fell in love with the children’s hospital here. I was born in Birmingham. My dad’s medical career started in Birmingham... My dad’s my biggest role model. It was really nice for me to come to a place where he started his journey and now I’ve started mine.”

― Aleha Saleh, 26, pediatric oncology nurse

“We moved to the Ukraine because it has very cheap living cost ... then we were accepted here in Birmingham on an acceleration program.”

― Jozef Marko, 22, entrepreneur 

“Love the food, the culture, and the southern hospitality.”

― Angela Burroughs, 25, manager

“I’m from China ... Then I got an exchange program in Barcelona. In Barcelona, I met my boyfriend on the boat to Ibiza ... I came with him [to Birmingham] to help out with his startup.”

― Miao Deng, 22, digital marketing manager

“My family is part of the Birmingham civil rights history in that my sister, Denise, was one of the four girls killed in the 1963 church bombing at the 16th Street Baptist Church.”

― Lisa McNair, 53, executive assistant 

“I returned to make a difference in the community where I was raised.”

― Faith Abraham, 54, business owner

“It’s just kind of where everything happens.”

― Jurrien Abraham, 14, artist/student

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