Cops Are Called To End Kids' Soccer Game, But They Join In Instead

"Please stop calling the police telling us to tell children to stop playing outside," one officer wrote.

Police in Birmingham, Alabama, have got these young soccer players' backs.

Officers came to the children's defense after receiving multiple calls to break up their game on a local tractor equipment company's property. Instead of stopping the fun, the police decided to cut loose and join in.

Officer Jordan Burke filmed the impromptu match and posted the footage to Facebook.

"Please stop calling the police telling us to tell children to stop playing outside," he wrote in the caption. "This will be the result every time."

The video is now going viral.

Burke said the Birmingham Police Department regularly receives calls from a local resident who demands that police make the children, ages 6 to 10, leave the field.

But the 25-year-old officer refused to do that, saying workers at the tractor company don't mind their lot being used as a makeshift soccer pitch.

He also wants to promote good police relations with local kids.

"They don't have a playground here and the nearest playground is near the high school, which is a couple miles away. That is too far for these young guys to walk," Burke told local Fox affiliate WBRC. "Ethically, I can't tell children to stop playing."

There is "not much out there for them to do," Burke told "There are a lot of burned-out buildings, and I'd rather them be playing soccer in a parking lot than playing in a burned-out building."

Sixth-grader Chuy Cardenas said he and his friends appreciated their new opponents, who now stop by to play soccer whenever call volumes are low.

"It's really cool because they play with us and talk to us about being good," added 10-year-old Alejendro Martinez.

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