Anonymous 'Spider-Man' Feeds Homeless At Night, Proves Anyone Can Be A Superhero For Change

Anonymous 'Spider-Man' Feeds Homeless People At Night

A U.K. man is donating his nights to making sure that those in need don't go hungry.

By day, this 20-year-old man from Birmingham, England, who wishes to remain anonymous, is a bartender. But by night, he dons a Spider-Man suit and takes to the streets to feed homeless people. The "Birmingham Spider-Man," as he is known, says that he hopes his work will show others that everyone deserves a helping hand -- no matter their situation.

"I've learned that everyone is the same, we're all part of the human experience and I ... believe that we need to look at everyone as humans and help each other the same as we would a close friend," he told The Huffington Post in a message.

While the 20-year-old has been involved in volunteer work for years, he started his night rounds about a month ago. A few nights a week, he begins his routine around 9 p.m., and purchases sandwiches with his own money. Then, much like a comic book hero, he gets into "uniform" in a quiet alley. Fully suited, he hands the food out to people in need.

Though the superhero suit may just seem like a fun costume, he says it actually draws attention to his cause.

"Before when I was handing out food, no one would take a second look," he told HuffPost. "But when they see Spider-Man handing out the food they come over and ask what I'm doing and are really interested. Most importantly [they] become inspired to get involved themselves."

The Birmingham Spider-Man's good deeds have already attracted the attention of many community members, who have offered to donate money. The do-gooder doesn't accept their donations, and instead, urges them to go out and get involved.

Watch a video of the Birmingham Spider-Man feeding the homeless below:

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