What Your Birth Order Says About Your Love Life (At Least According To A Dating Site)

What Your Birth Order Says About Your Love Life

It looks like middle children are getting the short end of the stick again. New research says the order in which you were born may impact your likelihood of finding love later on in life, with middle children faring the worst.

A new study from dating website Plenty Of Fish analyzed data collected from 7.6 million singles in the US and Canada and discovered that first borns are more likely to find relationships than only children, middle children or the babies of the family.

Specifically, the eldest of four children was nearly 10 percent more likely to leave the site in a relationship compared to the national average. The second child of four was the least likely to leave the site in a relationship. And those with no siblings were 0.5 percent less likely to find a relationship than the national average, but fare far better than middle children or youngest children.

Check out the graph below to see how all the different birth orders stack up:

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